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    • ~# Oooopss!! Team BL4CKF3V3R's, JigSaw was Here!! Security Take Down!! #~

      Administrator Your permissions were overrided By:
      Team BL4CKF3V3R
      Security Failure, Script it better.

      We are:

      -=JigSaw=- , -=ToXiQuEs=- , -=BR4!N=- , -=ProxieZ=-

      Security Breached by BL4CKF3V3R

      Email Jigsaw At: TheJigsawHakr@hotmail.com. Or We'll Will keep this up Greetz to Our Chain Of Hackers

      kILLERMIND _ _ _ _ Red LaK3

      Khantastic HaXor _ _ _ _ Unknw Haxx

      Master Hacker _ _ _ _ MIND HACKER

      and All Pr0xY Hackers

      [* BL4CKF3V3R *]
      Secure. Protect. Engage.
      Operation PaR:AnoIA

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